By Joe Kendzicky, James Todaro and Joseph Todaro
By: Joseph Todaro, James Todaro and Joe Kendzicky
By: James Todaro, John Todaro, Joe Todaro and Joe Kendzicky
Deep dives into financial primitives in DeFi
By John Todaro, James Todaro and Joseph Todaro
By Joseph Todaro, John Todaro and James Todaro
By James Todaro, Joseph Todaro and John Todaro
By James Todaro, MD and Joseph Todaro
Considerations on decentralization, network security, projected value and consensus
This is an update to the full report by Blocktown Capital published in June 2018 on the analysis and valuation of Republic Protocol.
In Part 1 of this series, I demonstrated how we convert the interactive Schnorr protocol into a non-interactive variant, using something…